Female Catheterization: Step-by-Step Guide & Tips for Comfort

  1. Thorough Hand Washing: Ensure a hygienic process by washing hands meticulously, including palms, backs, and fingers, for at least 20 seconds. Complete drying is crucial.
  2. Safe Catheter Handling: Slowly peel the catheter package fully open to expose the entire catheter, but leave the catheter in the package.  It is best not to place the catheter on an unclean surface.
  3. Preparation of Urethral Area: Clean the urethral opening and surrounding area with soap and water, a BZK wipe, or other wipe as instructed by your doctor or other informed medical professional.
  4. Gentle Insertion Technique: Use your non-dominant hand to spread the labia and use the fingers of your dominant hand to gently insert the catheter through the urethral opening until urine begins to flow.
  5. Proper Catheter Insertion: Push the catheter in another ¾ to and 1 inch.  Finish draining the bladder.
  6. Catheter Removal: Slowly withdraw the catheter. NOTE: If urine begins to flow again, stop withdrawing and allow the urine to finish draining.
  7. Remove the catheter.
  8. Disposal Procedure: Discard the used catheter, packaging, and any accompanying materials in a designated waste receptacle.

As you adapt to catheterization, prioritize these goals:

  • Drain urine as completely as is practical
  • Work on your cathing technique to minimize discomfort
  • Avoid  Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infections