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Spirit Male External Catheter

This soft breathable all-silicone external catheter has a hydrocolloid adhesive band for a super smooth feel and fit. The hydrocolloid adhesive ensures a secure fit so you do not have to worry about the catheter slipping off. The clear sheath allows for visual inspection of the skin while the kink-resistant design ensures uninterrupted urine flow.

Spirit Style 1
The Spirit Style 1 is a regular traditional length all-silicone external catheter with standard length adhesive band and is suitable for most individuals.

Spirit Style 2
The Spirit Style 2 is an all-silicone external catheter has a much shorter 1.5 inch long sheath. The adhesive is moved forward on the sheath for greater security.

Spirit Style 3
The Spirit Style 3 is an all-silicone external catheter with 70% more adhesive. The additional adhesive is moved forward. The Style 3 is appropriate for individuals who need maximum security.