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S2 Medical offers major brands of catheters including Cure Medical, Hollister, Bard, and Coloplast.  Our Catheter Specialists are eager to assist you with your catheter needs.  We work with patients with urinary retention related to Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, and related conditions, prostate-related illness, and other conditions that involve treatment with catheter assisted bladder drainage. We feature intermittent and external catheters, Foley catheters, bedside and leg bags, and all the urinary accessories necessary to support the use of urinary catheters.

Cure Medical
Straight Tip Intermittent Catheters

Cure Medical Intermittent Catheters are smooth PVC catheters with fire-polished eyelets and contain no DEHP, BPA or Natural Rubber Latex. These catheters are gentle and are available for male, female, and pediatric individuals. Intermittent catheters are intended for single use only. Use with lubricant for easier catheterization.

Product Description
Coude Tip Catheters

Cure Coude Tip Catheters are smooth PVC catheters with fire-polished eyelets and a curved tip for easy insertion when there is a urethral obstruction. These catheters also do not contain DEHP, BPA, or Natural Rubber Latex.

Product Description
Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

Cure Medical hydrophilic catheters are smooth catheters with fire-polished eyelets in sterile packaging. Each catheter has a hydrophilic coating that is activated by squeezing a water packet which is inside the packaging. Hydrate the catheter well with the water pack and then use the handy gripper to insert the super slippery catheter. Hydrophilic catheters are more easily inserted than regular catheters with lubricant and they help minimize urethral irritation.

Product Description
Pocket Catheter

Cure’s Pocket Catheter can be discreetly and conveniently carries in a pants pocket, carry bag, or purse. As with all Cure catheters, the pocket catheter is smooth with fire polished eyelets and is DEHP, BPA, and Natural Rubber Latex free.

Product Description
Twist Female Catheter

The Cure Female Twist affords ladies on the go a discreet and convenient catheter. Just twist open the top and pull the pre-lubricated catheter from the blue sheath. The smooth catheter with polished eyelets, inserts easily and when you are finished, just replace the catheter in the blue sheath and dispose of it.

Product Description
Closed System

This unisex closed system features a smooth pre-lubricated catheter with polished eyelets with integrated 1500mL collection bag. The Cure closed system is available as a cath-in-bag only or as a cath-in-bag with kit. This system is designed to open easy and for ease of use. Cure closed systems are DEHP, BPA, and Natural Rubber Latex free.

Product Description
Catheter Insertion Kit

The Cure Medical® Catheter Insertion Kit is an alternative to a complete Closed System product when combined with a catheter. The kit includes one BZK wipe, one packet of lubricating jelly, one pair of ambidextrous gloves, one underpad, and a 1500 ml collection bag.

Product Description
Self-Cath Intermittent Catheters

The Self-Cath catheters feature a siliconized surface and fire polished eyelets for a smooth insertion. Coloplast manufactures these catheters to the highest standards of quality and is dedicated to patient comfort and ease of use.

Product Description
SpeediCath Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

SpeediCath catheters are truly ready to use after opening. The super smooth sterile catheters have polished eyelets and a lubricious coating for easy insertion and removal. SpeediCath catheters make catheterization more comfortable and minimize urethral trauma even if you need to catheterize over many years.

Product Description
EasyCath Intermittent Catheter Kit

EasyCath Intermittent Catheter Kits are small and discrete and perfect for home or on the go. The kit includes a single sterile PVC catheter, one pair of gloves non-latex, lubricant, antiseptic skin prep, underpad, metered urine collection bag, and a refuse bag.

Product Description
Rochester Medical
Magic3 Intermittent Catheter

The Magic3 all-silicone intermittent catheter delivers superior performance, easy handling, and unsurpassed comfort and convenience. The Magic3 catheter is DEHP and latex free.

Product Description
Magic3 + Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

The Magic3 + Hydrophilic catheter comes with its own water packet for a virtually friction-free insertion and removal.

Product Description
Personal Catheter

The 100% silicone Personal Catheter features a soft silicone construction for a soft comfortable catheterization with minimal chance for urethral trauma.

Product Description
Hydrophilic Personal Catheter

The Personal Hydrophilic Catheter is noted for its ease of use. Its proprietary design and coating make it easy on delicate urethral tissue while its patent-pending packaging makes it easy to prep and maintain sterility in setting.

Product Description
Clean-Cath PVC Intermittent Catheter

The Clean-Cath® from Bard features finger grips for ease of use, flexible funnel, and a smooth round tip for easy insertion. Packaged in an easy to open peel strip package, this latex-free, sterile, single-use catheter comes with color-coded funnels.

Product Description
Male External Catheters

Self-Adhesive External Catheters are the most common type male external catheter, also called condom catheter or “externals”. Condom catheters are specially designed for men and are used to drain urine from the bladder. Male external catheters, available in latex or silicone, self-adhering or Texas-style with no adhesive, are connected to a short length of tubing that connects to a urine bag called a leg bag. At night, the condom catheter may be attached to a night drain bag. Each external catheter is intended for one day’s (24 hours) wear. Remove the catheter each day, clean the skin, and re-apply a fresh catheter to help protect the skin and for best performance of the catheter.

Medicare covers 35 male external catheters per month. Most state Medicaid covers 30 or more. Private Insurance Companies usually cover externals; however, in recent years, many have changed their coverage criteria.

Rochester Medical
Spirit Male External Catheter

This soft breathable all-silicone external catheter has a hydrocolloid adhesive band for a super smooth feel and fit. The hydrocolloid adhesive ensures a secure fit so you do not have to worry about the catheter slipping off. The clear sheath allows for visual inspection of the skin while the kink-resistant design ensures uninterrupted urine flow.

Product Description
POP-ON Male External Catheter

This all-silicone external is 1.5 inches long with a regular band of adhesive so it works well for retracted penis or shorter lengths. This catheter secures well and the clear silicone material allows for visual inspection of the skin.

Product Description
Ultraflex Male External Catheter

This traditional length all-silicone external catheter with a standard band of adhesive works well with most individuals. The clear silicone material allows inspection of the skin. This condom catheter has a long history of durability, ease of use, and skin friendliness.

Product Description
Wideband Male External Catheter

This soft breathable all-silicone external catheter has 70% more adhesive that the Ultraflex. With three inches of adhesive, the Wideband is one of the most secure catheters available. Highly active individuals may benefit from the extra security of this catheter. The clear silicone material makes visual skin inspection quick and easy.

Product Description
Freedom Clear Advantage External Catheter

This premium self-adhering external catheter with kink-resistant nozzle is designed for comfort and durable wear. Aloe in the adhesive ensures that the all-silicone external will be easy on very sensitive skin. The clear silicone material allows for visual skin inspection.

Product Description
Freedom Cath External Catheter

This latex external catheter is a comfortable catheter with a wide watertight adhesive band for secure everyday wear. A double thick bulb and stem prevent kinking or twisting of the catheter.

Product Description
Freedom Clear External Catheter

This all-silicone ultrathin self-adhering external catheter has been designed for comfortable everyday wear. The thin clear material allows easy skin inspection. The nozzle length is optimized to prevent kinking and back flow of urine. The silicone material minimizes skin irritation.

Product Description
Freedom Clear SS External Catheter

This ultrathin self-adhering sport external catheter is specially designed for individuals with retracted penis. A kink-resistant nozzle helps prevent the catheter from becoming detached. The breathable clear silicone material allows for visual inspection of the skin and minimizes skin irritation.

Product Description
Freedom Clear LS External Catheter

This ultrathin all-silicone external catheter has a longer adhesive seal to ensure that the catheter stays in place. A kink-resistant nozzle helps prevent urine backflow. The thin clear silicone minimizes skin irritation and aids in skin inspection. This premium condom catheter can be worn every day.

Product Description
Active Cath External Catheter

The Active Cath is a self-adhering latex external catheter with a wide adhesive band for a watertight seal. This catheter is designed for the active individual. A reservoir bulb prevents urine backflow.

Product Description
Conveen Optima External Catheter

The Conveen Optima External Catheter is a one piece all-silicone catheter that is available in standard and sport (short) length. This self-adhering catheter features an easy-on pull tab. The clear silicone material makes skin inspection easy and quick.

Product Description
Everyday External Catheter

This durable self-adhering latex external catheter resists tearing and puncture. The double convolutions help prevent kinking and twisting keeping the urine pathway open. A plastic collar makes application of the catheter quick and easy.

Product Description
InView External Catheter

The InView External Catheter is an all-silicone self-adhesive catheter designed for comfortable wear. The silicone material minimizes skin irritation and allows for easy skin inspection. A kink-resistant tip helps prevent urine backflow. The InView Catheter is available in Standard, Extra, and Special types. The Extra has 70% more adhesive than the Standard and the Special has a shorter sheath length.

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