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How It Works

S2 Medical makes getting your ostomy products fast and easy.  We take all the hassle out of billing for Ostomy Products. You Pay S2 directly, then just wait for your Products and your money to arrive at your house. We bill your insurance, so you have the freedom to do what you want, rather than worrying about complicated paperwork.


What This Means for You

No More Waiting

Because you pay directly, you get the supplies when you need them. You no longer required to wait for your provider to process all the paperwork and ship the product at their convenience. At S2 Medical, everything is centered around you.

The Quality Products You Deserve

Providers often send the least expensive brand available. The least expensive brand may be the only brand they can send but may not be the right choice for you. Many times, it may be the only brand you are offered. At S2 Medical, you can get the brand that works best for you.

No More Unexpected Bills

Insurance/providers send the least expensive ostomy products available. Frequently, insurers do not pay providers timely or at all and the provider may send you a large very unexpected bill for your supplies. At S2 Medical, you won’t have any more unexpected bills and we take care of everything and you receive your supplies with no interruption in delivery.


S2 Medical provides Ostomy Supplies including pouches, barriers, paste, and accessories such as strips, odor eliminators, adhesive removers, and powders. Our knowledgeable representatives will help you find the right supplies for your colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy.

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