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Our Adult Catheter Supply Program offers a large selection of top-rated catheters and quick, discreet delivery directly to your door! Make life easier with S2 Medical Supply.


Diaper and Catheter Supplies Delivered Monthly

Our Children’s Incontinence and Catheter Supply Program is specifically designed for children ages 2-21, different from any program you’ve seen before! You will have dedicated support to assist you in caring for your child.

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Diaper Supplies Delivered Monthly

Our Adult Incontinence Supply Program offers the highest quality products that help customers get back to feeling confident! S2 Medical provides fast, discreet monthly deliveries, directly to your door.


From Our Family to Yours

Medical Supplies from a company that treats you like family

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Helpful Resources

Urinary Tract Infections

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are about 3 million cases of urinary tract infections reported in the US each year making it a very common diagnosis in the general population.

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Tips for Using Male External Catheter

Male External Catheters, also called condom catheters, are designed to be a secure leak-free method of draining urine from the bladder. Remembering a few key points can provide a better experience for the user and for caregivers.

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Female Catheterization

Wash your hands thoroughly cleaning the palms, backs, and fingers well. Some recommend a full 20 seconds of scrubbing. Dry your hands completely.

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